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Six Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Keeping Your RV Clean

One of the most important things to do to keep your RV in the best possible shape over time is regularly clean its exterior. Neglecting routine cleanings and routine exterior maintenance will prematurely age your RV and could lead to damaging problems like rust development. 

The following are six mistakes you need to avoid to keep your RV exterior clean and in the best possible shape over time:

Neglecting to hose off your RV before cleanings

Spraying your RV off using a hose first will quickly remove a lot of residue like dirt and grime. This will make the actual scrubbing easier. 

If your RV surface is wet to begin with, any cleaner you use will more easily achieve its sudsing effect to ensure a thorough cleaning. 

Cleaning the bottom before the top

RVs are large and tall vehicles. Cleaning from the top down is the most efficient and thorough way to clean. This ensures that residue on the top won't be washed down toward the bottom and dry there after you finish cleaning. 

Failing to use a specially formulated RV cleaning spray

Specially formulated RV cleaning sprays are best for ensuring that an RV's exterior gets clean and repels residue for some time to come. Do some research to find the best RV cleaning spray for your particular RV design and model. 

Never reading the owner's manual

Every RV is unique, so different RV models might respond differently to various RV cleaning spray products or cleaning techniques.

One of the best sources of information on how you should keep your RV exterior clean and well maintained is your owner's manual. This manual will instruct you on the best strategies for keeping both the interior and exterior of your RV clean. 

Failing to take the time to wax the exterior

Waxing your RV exterior occasionally is important at least on an annual basis to keep your RV exterior looking good. Waxing is helpful regardless of whether your RV body is metal or fiberglass.

Waxing will help to maintain the gel-coat finish of your RV and maintain the shine of the vehicle's exterior. 

Not inspecting for damage during cleanings

You shouldn't just be cleaning the exterior of your RV. You should also be inspecting the exterior of your RV to find any damage.

By performing inspections during cleanings, you will become aware of issues like scratches and dents in your RV body. These issues could make your RV exterior more susceptible to rust development, so it's important to detect them and repair them as quickly as possible to keep your RV in good condition. 

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