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Pros and Cons of 3 Popular Wedding Day Car Rentals

For your wedding, you want to arrive and depart in the right kind of style. Many brides and grooms automatically think of a limousine when they consider wedding day transportation. But you have a variety of options these days. To help you find the right fit, consider these pros and cons of three of the most popular choices.

1. Limousine

The traditional wedding vehicle is, of course, the limousine. A long — usually black or white — limousine is a solid choice for those who want a classy and luxurious wedding appearance. It also fits more people than a traditional car, so you can get friends and family in the car with you. Limos also catch attention on the road, perhaps helping the bride and groom feel like kings for a day. However, not everyone is a fan of the limousine due to its cliche nature for weddings. You may also end up overpaying for trips to the wedding if your plans and groups are small. 

2. Luxury Car

If you want all the class without quite as much ostentation, a luxury car rental might be right for you. An elegant black executive car brings many of the same perks as a limousine. It's classic and luxurious in appearance. It offers a comfortable ride with a driver who takes care of the details for you. The advantage of a luxury car rather than a limo lies in a lower cost to rent — a compromise for budget-conscious wedding planners — and its increased privacy. Since you can't fit the entire wedding party inside, many couples enjoy the quality alone time on this big day. You also won't get any unwanted attention on the road.

3. Classic Car

An increasingly popular rental idea is to use a classic car of some kind. The biggest benefit of this type of vehicle is that you can customize the choice to your particular style as well as the theme of the wedding. The bridal couple might prefer an old muscle car, a classic Bentley, or even a fun surfing bus. Classic cars offer fun and variety not available in many other rentals.

If you want to use a classic car, though, you will run into a problem of simply finding one available for rent. Some private owners rent out their cars (with or without a driver) on their own, but you'll need to search them out. Some rental services, though, do offer classic luxury cars like Rolls Royce vehicles. 

No matter whether you want something formal or something exciting, the right wedding day transportation choice will add to your memories of the big day — memories which will last a lifetime in your heart and your pictures. Contact luxury car rental services to learn more.