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3 Things To Know About Domain Value Appraisals

Purchasing a domain is a decision for your business, but it is also for your brand. A lot of money is at stake based on how you choose a domain name. There is also inherent search engine optimization (SEO) value tied to domain names also since you should find something you can easily use for keyword purposes. Here is how domain value comes into play.

1. What makes a domain name value?

The internet is a lot like real estate today. Location is everything, even if that location refers to the address people type in to reach your website. Like real estate, getting a great location drives the price up. 

If a domain name is available for your brand, you will get a picture of the value when you run a search. Domains are more valuable when they are memorable, have keyword value, and are easily aligned with a brand. If a type of domain is more in demand, you will have to pay more for it. Finding out the true value is important so that you can buy whatever domain you are looking for. 

2. How can I look up true domain value?

Getting an appraisal is the most accurate way to find out the true domain value. This is better than simply running a quick search and comparing the prices that you are offered. A full appraisal breaks down how valuable the site is and why it is so valuable. This results in you feeling more informed when it is time to buy the domain name that you have your eyes on. 

3. What can I do to get more out of my domain value?

You drive up the value of your domain when you make your brand undeniable. Buy a domain name that is catchy and make sure that you put it on t-shirts and all of your other products. Your domain value will go up when you keep improving your search engine optimization after you become the proud owner of it.

Like real estate, you should buy domains that will appreciate in value so that you are sitting on some assets that you might want to sell in the future. Take a long-term approach with your domain name and put your marketing efforts behind pushing more traffic to it.

Your domain name is important. An appraisal is a helpful tool to give you important information about the domain name you're looking up. Set up a meeting with a company that can give you a detailed domain name appraisal report.