Small Business Success: Early Operating Hurdles

Use A Personal Approach For Each Letter That You Will Be Mailing To A Client

A new job title and the added responsibility of reaching out to clients on a weekly basis may result in you wanting to personalize the correspondence that you will be mailing. A monogrammed stationery subscription box that contains all of the components needed for each mailing will assist you in your quest.

Custom Stationery Will Project The Message That You Intend

Using company letterhead or plain paper that contains a typed message can seem too formal if you are trying to forge a business relationship with each client but would like your connections to be somewhat friendly and relaxed. Monogrammed stationery and matching envelopes will alert each recipient that you are the sender and that you have taken the time to check on them concerning a product or service that was rendered.

You can also use this type of stationery when thanking someone for their business. For instance, if you acquire a new client and would like them to know that you appreciate that they chose your department for their needs, a heartfelt letter that is handwritten on custom stationery will seem more genuine than a typed letter on a plain sheet of paper.

A Subscription Box Is Customized

You choose how often you would like to receive a new box of stationery and supplies and can change the paper or envelope type as often as you would like. Start with a subscription that lasts for a few months so that you can determine how the new items will assist with your work duties. If you have plenty of paper and envelopes left over after the first month or if you are going to be reaching out to some of the same people on multiple occasions, choose a different type of paper or a new monogrammed design.

If you wind up selecting several paper and envelope types, separate the stacks of paper and envelopes and store all of the items inside of a filing cabinet or on a storage rack. This will allow you to conveniently get your hands on the specific stationery that you prefer, based on who will be receiving a letter from you.

Choose from a variety of gel pens, markers, pencils, tape, and erasers. Add the additional accessories to each box that you receive. The added supplies can be used when preparing letters or you can save the extra items for personal use in your office.