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Important Terms To Understand When Obtaining Hazmat Package Certification

During training for hazmat (hazardous material) certification, students are exposed to all kinds of terms and processes associated with the handling of certain materials. Packaging is one part of what will be learned, but it is also one of the most important. Take a look at some of the important terms to understand during training for hazmat package certification to help you along. 

Combination Hazmat Packaging 

Combination packaging consists of multiple types of packaging to protect hazardous material. Combination packaging will include inner packages that hold the product directly and an outer container that protects the material holding the hazardous material inside. In the case of combination packaging, both the outer packaging and inner packaging must be appropriately marked for safety purposes. 

Hazmat Overpacking 

Overpacking is a term that is used to describe a package that has been outfitted with an added layer of protection for safe handling. For example, if a hazardous material could be affected by the touch of a hand while an individual carried the package, the material may be in an overpack in addition to its original package, wrapping, or container. Overpacking is done with materials that are going to be handled a lot, and sometimes it is done for convenience more than for safety reasons. If a package is awkwardly shaped or hard to hold onto, it may also have overpacking in place. 

Single Hazmat Packaging 

Single hazmat packaging is the most basic type of packaging; this refers to packaging that is a single unit, such as a single container or bucket. The majority of hazardous materials do only get one single container or package, but that is also going to depend on how the material will be handled after it is placed in its original container. For instance, a hazmat product that is going to be shipped and stored and possibly handled by multiple parties in the process may have more than a single container for protective purposes.

Composite Hazmat Packaging

Composite packaging is also a type of single hazmat packaging even though it is also assumed to be a combination packaging. With composite packaging, inner and outer package components are fused together into one holding unit. Consider a plastic drum lined with a fused-in-place metal interior. This package is essentially two materials, but the two materials are fused together to create only one holding unit. Therefore, this would be deemed as composite hazmat packaging.