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A Mezzanine Lift Will Safely Transport Goods To Various Floors In Your Warehouse

Work-related injuries occur when forklifts and other heavy-duty machinery that is designated for moving materials are handled improperly. Besides training your employees to operate a forklift, you have to make the initial investment to purchase equipment and must have suitable storage for the machinery and safety gear. If a lot of materials need to be moved between floors in your warehouse, a custom mezzanine lift can be used to perform heavy labor duties.

A Custom Lift That Supports The Weight Of Your Items

A mezzanine lift can be installed indoors or outdoors, which will allow you to maximize the working space that is needed to perform standard tasks. A custom lift is designed to meet your needs, plus it will comply with the safety codes that your business must follow. For instance, if your main objective is to transfer multiple trays of fairly light items to different floors within your facility, a hydraulic or electrically operated lift will be set up to coincide with the weight amount that will typically be transported during each load.

For heavier loads, a larger platform and base may be needed. The actual compartment that houses the platform can have four standard walls surrounding it or a gated entryway. A mezzanine lift is not meant to transport people but will allow ample room for someone to move a handcart into the doorway before shifting items onto the platform. As long as the lift is not being operated, it can be safely loaded or unloaded.

Minor Disruptions, Safety Features, And Increased Work Performance

If operating heavy machinery in your workplace tends to be disruptive to your employees, a mezzanine lift will be a pleasant alternative. A lift is quiet while it is operating, and goods can be transferred rather quickly. An automatic locking system, extra-wide side panels or double-paned glass, and skid-proof flooring are some safety features that you may prefer for your model to possess.

When speaking to a salesperson, let them know about your needs and the work environment. An inspection of the premises will determine the most suitable spot for the new lift. If you have an old elevator shaft in the building, it can be used to house a mezzanine lift, if you prefer.

Otherwise, the lift will be set up in an area that is not going to be in the way of stations or departments that people are moving about in during the day. Once goods are transported without relying upon manpower, you may notice that more orders are filled or that more products are manufactured because employees don't need to haul heavy loads or carry them up and down the steps.

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