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3 Ways For Women To Protect Themselves

Women have long been targets of physical violence. Despite the fact many people are aware of this issue, physical violence against women continues to be a problem. According to the latest statistics from the National Domestic Violence Hotline, nearly 1 in 5 women have been raped during their lifetime.

This is a scary statistic, which is why it makes sense that women want to do everything they can to protect themselves. Here are three ways they can do just that.

1. Enroll in a Self-Defense Course

Many women who want to learn to protect themselves enroll in a self-defense course. These courses vary in what they teach, but most of them focus on a type of martial arts. These are a type of skill or sport created specifically as a form of self-defense. One of the best-known types of self-defense is karate.

However, there are other types of martial arts that are recommended for women who want to learn self-defense. These martial arts include:

Self-defense classes that use martial arts teach women skills that will help them prevent and escape dangerous situations.

2. Take a Concealed Carry License Class

Some women who want to protect themselves can do so by carrying a firearm. For women who choose this route, there are concealed carry license classes that they will want to enroll in. Here are some things women should bring to their concealed carry license class:

Women who already purchased a gun should ask ahead of time if they can bring their own. They should avoid bringing ammunition to the class. If the class is an NRA class, women will need to pass a live fire test in order to get a concealed weapons permit. Taking this class and getting a permit will teach women how to properly handle a firearm and prevent an attack.

3. Always Be Aware of Surroundings

It's easy for women who are busily rushing from one place to the next to forget to pay attention to their surroundings. However, this is vitally important when it comes to preventing an attack. Women shouldn't walk with earphones in or when in deep conversation on a cell phone. They should also pay especially close attention in parking lots as this is one of the most common places for attacks. Women should always lock their car doors while in a vehicle and avoid being in dark places, like alleys or poorly lit areas, by themselves.