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Benefits Of Dash Camera Trucks For Fleets

Today's trucking fleets place plenty of challenges. Along with increased regulation and scrutiny, trucking fleets are increasingly targeted by lawsuits — nuisance and otherwise. Dash camera trucks are the solution for many problems trucking fleets face. These are just a few benefits your fleet can enjoy when using dash camera systems for trucks in your fleet.

Greater Driver Oversight

For many trucking organizations, you know that there is very little you can do to control driver behavior once they are out of sight. GPS tracking did a little to reduce certain driver behaviors. Dash camera trucks take the benefits of GPS tracking for changing driver behaviors and increased it exponentially.

You know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Video escalates the game even more. You can use video as part of the disciplinary process and even as grounds for firing drivers who refuse to comply with company regulations about driving behavior.

For many drivers, simply knowing they are being monitored while driving is a sufficient deterrent. They adjust their driving behavior accordingly because they know you can see when they do things like tailgate, weave in and out of traffic, and engage in other negative driving behaviors.

Support Drivers Against Claims Made Against Them

Drivers want to know the companies they work for have their backs. It's one of the biggest benefits of being part of a fleet rather than an independent trucker. When you have dash camera trucks, you can not only see for yourself that they are not driving recklessly or aggressively, but you can also have their back in more public ways by releasing these videos when claims are made against your people in public forums, such as local news stories.

Provide Evidence in Defense of Your Drivers

Truck drivers and trucking fleets are facing increased litigation as personal injury attorneys have targeted your industry as a whole. When accidents occur, dash camera trucks can capture important video footage of the accident that would absolve your driver of wrongdoing in the incident.

While dash camera trucks cannot capture evidence in side or rear accidents, they can be highly beneficial for protecting your drivers, your fleet, and your reputation when false claims are made against you.

You may even be able to capture details that assist in other accidents or crimes, such as license plate numbers and image captures of drivers in other vehicles when using dash camera trucks.

For these reasons and many more, dash camera systems for trucks are a good idea for large and small fleets alike.

For further information, reach out to a company that offers products like dash camera systems for trucks.