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How To Safely Mail Delicate Documents And Equipment

If you own a small business that sells blueprints, equipment, and other delicate items, you want to use the most effective mailing methods possible. Regular cardboard boxes may not protect your items properly. The boxes and items may arrive to their destinations dented, warped, or severely damaged. Learn how you can safely mail delicate documents and equipment below.

Choose a Safe Delivery Company

Although there are many types of delivery companies you can use today, choose a company that takes extra precautions with their clients' products. The company you use for your delicate deliveries should:

Along with the criteria mentioned above, you also want to use cardboard tubing for your deliveries.

Use Shipping Tubes

Shipping tubes are elongated shipping containers. The mailing tubes come in all sizes and lengths but are usually 48 inches long or shorter. However, you can find longer shipping tubes if you need them.

The cardboard tubes are also thick, reliable, and secure enough to contain all types of delicate items, including telescopes and blueprints. Items like these may crimp, bend, or even tear during regular shipping. If the items arrive to your clients or buyers damaged, you may be liable for it. 

When you choose your shipping tubes, be sure to use containers that:

You may also want to use various types of tubes for your shipping needs. For example, if you sell heavy items, such as supply kits and auto tools, you want to keep heavy-duty cardboard shipping tubes on hand. For small items or light documents, use light-duty tubes. 

The features above are just some of the things you want to look for in your shipping containers. If you can't find the tubes you need for all of your items, consult a shipping company immediately. A shipping company may provide a product list you can refer to when you need to do so.

Learn how you can ship all of your delicate items with shipping tubes by contacting a supplier today.