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Top Benefits of Frontlit Banners Vs. Backlit Banners

Using banners and other advertisements that are illuminated can be very appealing when you're advertising your business and its products and services. Many people don't really know the difference between frontlit and backlit banners, and you might not really know about the pros and cons of each of these types of illuminated banners, either. Depending on what you are going to be using your banner for, you may want to place a custom order for a frontlit banner. Some of the reasons why frontlit banners are sometimes considered superior to backlit banners are listed below.

They're Often More Affordable

You might assume that buying an illuminated banner is going to be expensive. This depends on the specifics of the banner that you purchase, of course, and it also depends on the company that you order your banner from. However, be aware that overall, frontlit banners are typically more affordable than backlit banners, even when the two banners are essentially the same. Therefore, one of the first things to look into if you want to save money on your illuminated banner is to look into the cost of a frontlit banner. Additionally, keeping your design fairly simple and buying from an affordable banner supplier are other things that you can do if you want to keep costs down.

They Can Be Made in Bigger Sizes

Next, you should think about the size that you are interested in. If you're planning on buying a smaller banner for indoor use, for example, you should be able to do so with both backlit and frontlit banners. If you're hoping to have a very large banner made, however, you may have to opt for a frontlit banner. After all, the technology that is used for frontlit banners typically allows for much larger banner sizes.

They Can Typically Withstand Outdoor Conditions Much More Effectively

Lastly, if you're planning on installing your banner outdoors, you will need to make sure that it's designed for this use. Although you can purchase backlit banners that can be installed outdoors, the truth is that frontlit banners are typically better equipped for dealing with extreme temperatures, rain, wind, and snow.

Both frontlit and backlit banners have their place when it comes to advertising your business. However, you may be looking to make a choice between the two different types of banners. For the reasons above and more, you might find that frontlit banners are the better choice. If you aren't sure, it's not a bad idea to talk to a professional who makes and installs these signs so that you can find out which one might be best for your company's specific needs.

To learn more about banners, such as 13oz high tenacity frontlit banners, talk to a printing company in your area.