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Reasons To Switch To Brass When Seeking Out New Casings For Your Rifle

When it comes to loading ammunition into your rifle, this will of course include a casing of your choice. Ammunition casing comes in different styles and can be made from different materials. While nickel-based or aluminum-based casings may be less expensive, more and more gun owners today are turning to brass-based casings before taking their weapons out for another spin at the shooting range. Here's why using rifle reloading brass casings might be the right choice for your own weapon the next time you head to the local gun range.

Brass Casings Can Be Salvaged and Re-Used

Brass may be more expensive than some other casing types, but brass can also offer better durability and value over time. When you collect discharged casings after a round at the shooting range or on your private property, you will find that the casings are likely still in good condition and can often be re-used when it's time to reload more ammunition. The ability to re-use this type of casing makes the additional cost for brass worth it and may actually have you coming out financially ahead in the long run.

Brass Casings May Not Get Stuck As Often

Every gun owner has had an issue from time to time where a casing remained at least partially stuck inside the gun even after a bullet discharge. This can more frequently happen with aluminum or steel-based casings. Brass casings are today seen by many gun owners as a more reliable choice that should allow a proper discharge more often, meaning the casing will not get stuck inside the gun. This means you can keep practicing at the range without interruption and it might also give you better peace of mind if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to fire more than one bullet while hunting or in self-defense. Gun owners don't like surprises when using their weapons for any purpose and with a switch to brass casings, you can focus on the shooting and worry less about something jamming up on you.

Brass Gives Your Gun a Better Chance to Remain in Good Condition

Brass casings do not "spark" when fired. This means there is less chance of your gun getting scratched by the ammunition when it is fired or discharged. You can simply shoot without worrying about damaging your gun or having to open your gun as often to dislodge a casing and possibly cause additional wear and tear to your weapon.