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Trouble Getting Remote Workers Back To The Office? 3 Smart Compromises

More and more employers have workers operating remotely from home. However, a solely remote workforce isn't always the best solution for the employer. Could there be a compromise that helps both sides get what they want and need from this working relationship? In fact, there are a number of ways to make it work for everyone. Here are a few you might discuss with your remote team. 

1. Rented Individual Offices

When everyone works from home, they may become distracted by family life and other obligations. They may not all have the same equipment or access to high-quality internet. Video backgrounds might be distracting, and some workers may not know how to create a good video conference setup.

Solve all these problems by taking control over employees' technical and office setups even if they aren't in your office. Rent offices that provide the look and equipment you want and offer a more convenient location. 

2. Rented Shared Offices

Of course, if your workforce likes to work at home, coaxing them even back to a rented office full-time may not work. Consider, instead, splitting the difference by arranging for them to have access to a shared (or co-working) office.

Co-working offices offer a wide array of choices to allow each employee to have a workspace that fits them. You could opt for shared offices and desks which the employee reserves when needed. Or perhaps employees would like to have access to large open spaces only necessary when projects need to spread out. Customize these options to their schedules and work habits. 

3. Rented Meeting Spaces

Do you struggle with keeping a team on the same page, productive, and coordinated when they all work remotely? Then perhaps what they need is a shared space and time to meet in person in ways that don't commit them to full-time office status. The team can then agree on a schedule for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other gatherings. 

Many office rental facilities have different size and purpose meeting rooms available for permanent rental or shared rental. This space provides everyone enough room to get together, technical equipment for videoconferencing or screen sharing, and an environment free of distractions. 

Where to Start

Which of these remote workspace solutions could help your business and your teams work better? No matter what their style, their schedule, or their responsibilities, there's a modern office rental out there that fits them. Start by touring facilities in the areas where your remote workers spend their time. 

For more information on custom office space, contact a company like 26 Journal Square.